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Now to get your pockets heavy with real cash.

Download the APK now and you will find a new friend to guide you along the treacherous paths of online gambling.

That too with complete security, and make your pockets heavier too in the process. Don’t worry, you’re in cruise control once you are inside this app.

App Name Happy Teenpatti 
Download link Happy
Sign-up Bonus amount 10 rupees
Referral + Commission 15 rupees + 30% commission on tax amount
Minimum Withdrawal 100 rupees
Withdrawal methods UPI, Bank Transfer
Size 68.3 MB
Similar Apps Teen Patti Sweet,Teen Patti Palace

Refer and earn

As I said before, this app has one of the most stable and secure referral programs in the whole industry. The rewards are strategically placed to motivate you, but not encourage addiction. They’ll make you a handsome sum of money, but you’ll have to put in your efforts too.

The rewards are multi-faceted and if you regularly collect them, they can become an unexpected source for handy income. The app has real potential to be a source of joy and some stiff cash.

In this app, you get a flat 15 rupees bonus for every successful referral. Whenever a friend, relative or any individual for that matter signs up in the app through your referral link, you’ll get this bonus. And your friends won’t go with empty hands either. They’ll receive 10 rupees for their contribution.

But that’s not the end of it, rather far from being so. If you can plan your way through and understand the system, you must take advantage of the commission system too.

When the app launched, this commission was based upon your referrals’ total bet amount. But since then, they’ve changed it to being tax-based. So, whatever your referrals deposit and earn in this app, you’ll earn 30% commission upon that. 

This commission has no limits, no expiry. You’ll get it as long as they’re playing and depositing. And whatever amounts they deposit, however big they may be, you’ll get your bonus. 

There are also some unique referral rewards that you can obtain in this app. You won’t find them anywhere else. 

You can get an instant bonus of 2 rupees for just sharing the download link. Yes, you’ve read it right. You just need to share it twice, once between 12 A.M. – 5.59 P.M and one more time between 6 P.M – 11.59 P.M. The more people you share it with, the more you get everyday.

Whenever any friend signs up through your referral link, you get 2 rupees extra bonus. And when they complete playing 5 games, you get 3 rupees more. So, 5 rupees extra for every referral.

You’ll also receive a 10 rupees bonus whenever any of your friends makes a deposit for the first time. If their deposit amount is 50 rupees or more, you’ll get your 10 rupees straightaway.

There’s one ore. For your growing number of successful referrals, you’ll receive another extra cash bonus. When you get 5 friends as referrals on the app, you’ll get 50 rupees. Similarly, you’ll get 60 for 10 referrals, 150 for 20 friends on board, 540 rupees when you get 50 referrals, and a whopping 1000 rupees flat bonus when you reach the milestone of having 100 referrals in your account.

Refer and earn

Now, if you want to get all these wonderful bonuses for yourself too, then all you gotta do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the app. You’ll see a ‘Refer & Earn’ icon in golden color at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it. 
  • A new page will come up. Here you’ll get two direct buttons for sharing on Whatsapp and Facebook. You will also see a button named ‘Copy & Send’. On tapping that, you can send your code through emails, and other social media too. Then you also get a ‘Invite Friends’ option. Tap it, and then you can directly send the link to your friends through SMS. They’ll receive it directly on their mobile.
  • Always target the maximum number of referrals, as it’s the best device to push along both your income and interest.

How to Claim Referral Rewards

This app provides small but numerous rewards for various actions and achievements to keep you on your toes and always asking you to go one step better than the previous time. And it’s not like that you have to do any specific task or pay a premium to avail them. All of it depends on you and your regularity. 

You also get a couple of top-class payment methods available to you to get all these referral bonuses in your bank smoothly and safely. Just think about how you’re gonna spend them.

How to Claim Referral Rewards

To claim your referral bonus and commissions, just do the following:

  • Open the app, and go to your homepage.
  • You’ll get a ‘Refer & Earn’ button, tap on it.
  • When you click it, you’ll see some sections based upon different bonuses. Each one of them has a ‘Collect’ button at the right side. You can claim them one by one.
  • You can also claim your commissions by just filling up KYC details and then selecting your preferred payment method.
  • You’ll receive your desired amount within 24 hours maximum. Then, it’s time to celebrate.

How to deposit on Happy Teen Patti

This app has a bag full of tricks so big that you’ll never run out of surprises. 

that will absolutely blow your mind. The minimum amount for deposits is just 10 rupees. But if you want to make the stakes high with higher thrill and higher returns, there’s an option for depositing 1 lakh rupees in one go. Whatever amount you deposit in this app, rest assured that your money’s completely safe. Every kind of player from every kind of financial background can try their luck in this app, as long as they’re interested and have the love for the game.

But before getting all those bonuses and commissions, you need to play regularly. And for that to happen, you’ll need to invest a little bit in the app through depositing your money. You can opt for any kind of amount, big or small doesn’t matter. What matters is your participation and the will to earn more and get better.

How to deposit

This is how you can make a deposit to your account:

  • Open the app, go straight to the home page. You’ll see the ‘Add Cash’ button in the middle on the top of your screen. Tap on it.
  • Simply enter the amount you want to deposit. It starts from 10 rupees, and can go upto 1 lakh rupees.
  • Then, select your payment method. You can opt for UPI or Bank Transfer. Both of them offer top-class security and they’re easy to use too. No complex form fill-ups or guessing about on the internet for the correct procedure.
  • After that selection, you’ll be transferred to the payment page. Complete the transaction there. 
  • Check your in-game wallet. It will reflect the amount in a few minutes. When it shows up, you’re ready to conquer.

How to withdraw money on Happy Teen Patti

After winning all these bonuses and commissions, you may want to flex a bit or there may come huge pressure from your friends to hand out treats. And really, what good money is for if you can’t celebrate with it?

To do that, you’ll first need to transfer that amount to your bank account. And this app has a tremendously efficient withdrawal system. The minimum amount is set to just 100 rupees, which is easy to reach when there’s an abundance of rewards in the app. You can go all the way up to 5000 rupees in one go. And you can withdraw 3 times at most per day. So, the maximum daily withdrawal amount is 15000 rupees.

This may seem less, but as I’ve cleared earlier, this app gives utmost priority to safety. And that’s why they have limited the withdrawal amount. Because if something bad happens, your loss would not be as damaging. Also, small amounts are easier to process, and lets them disburse faster.

How to withdraw money

If you want to withdraw money from this app to have a ball, here are some easy steps to follow:

  • Open the app. On your homepage, you’ll see a ‘Withdraw’ button at the top right side. For withdrawing all your bonuses and commissions, tap on it. And there’s another option called ‘Redeem’. Tap on that to withdraw your game winnings meaning the money you’ve earned through successful bets and winning different games. 
  • Then enter the amount you wish to withdraw. There are six options for this amount, such as: 100, 300, 500, 1000, 3000 and 5000 rupees.
  • Select the payment method of your choice. 
  • If you want Bank Transfer through IMPS, you’ll need to fill in some basic information such as account details, IFSC and the name of the account holder.
  • For UPI, you need to provide your UPI address and your email address. If you have many, then select the fastest provider. 
  • Tap ‘Withdraw’ one last time and the app will start processing your request immediately.
  • You’ll receive the amount at the earliest possible, depending upon your payment method. In the case of UPI, it should only take seconds. But if for some reason something goes awry, you’ll get it within 24 hours for sure.
  • And bank transfers are more dependent on the respective bank you’ve chosen. It should only take less than 24 hours, but in some cases, it may take up to 7 days. But don’t worry, this is the safest method for any financial operation in India. 

How to play on Happy Teen Patti

This app has been designed for uncomplicated gaming experience. The fun never stops, nor do the rewards. Follow these steps below and enjoy the complete immersion:

  • First, open the app and log into your account.
  • You’ll get all the information you’d need right at the homepage.
  • In the middle, you’ll see all the games available. Each as exciting as the other. 
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll get ‘Events’ to know upcoming or ongoing special offers and games, ‘Messages’ to see and read all the messages that has been sent to you by the company, ‘Settings’ to modify the app according to your taste and convenience, ‘Wallet’ to see how much money you’ve in your account to play, ‘Refer & Earn’ to learn about and claim all the referral rewards.
  • At the left side, you’ll see ‘Ranking’ to see how you’re doing against all the other players, and all the rewards you’ve collected.  
  • If you want to play Teen Patti, it’s there. If you like Ludo and the all familiar fun it brings to the table, you can get the hang of this online version with the same kind of thrill and anticipation, with the lowest bets possible. If you like it simple, just try Wingo Lottery. You can’t possibly earn better with lesser risks attached. If you like to play card games, you’ll have all the popular ones with special rewards inside.  

Bonuses on Happy Teen Patti app

There’s another great bonus scheme in the Happy Teen Patti app that can greatly boost your income. This bonus scheme offers you a very handsome amount of money, over and above the cash you win through the games and referral commissions. This bonus program will make your experience even more rewarding.

  • Bonus Card – You can buy ‘Bonus Cards’ in this app. After buying, these will be valid for 7 days. And every day, you’ll find Daily Bonus being added to your account. Buying these cards gives you guaranteed income, just like you get from FDs or other kinds of investments. Now, who would’ve thought you’ll get investment opportunities in a gambling platform? 

But you have now, through this fantastic app.

There are 3 cards available for you if you want to get into this scheme, each better in return and profitability than the previous one, but all with the same amount of security and the assurance this app usually exudes.

  • Silver Card – If you buy this card, it will cost you 1000 rupees, but you’ll get 1140 rupees back in total, in the form of daily rewards. 
  • Gold Card – You’ll have to shell out 5000 rupees for this one, but the total bonus amount you’ll receive is 6050 rupees.
  • Diamond Card – This is the best of the lot. You can buy it for 20000 rupees. Yeah, it’s costly. But the return on it is amazing too. You’ll get 24500 rupees in total through a daily bonus. 
Weekly Bonus

Games available in Happy Teen Patti

It’s easy to play any game in Happy Teen Patti app. It will be one of the most rewarding experiences as well. So, get ready and dive in.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti



Wingo Lottery

Wingo Lottery



Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

7 Up Down

7 Up Down

Langur Burja

Langur Burja

Baccarat 3 Patti

Baccarat 3 Patti

Baccarat AB

Baccarat AB

Dragon vs Tiger

Dragon vs Tiger

Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda

Video Poker

Video Poker

Fruit Party

Fruit Party

Horse racing

Horse racing

Features of Happy Teen Patti

There are some very special features in the Happy Teen Patti app. All of these help make your gaming experience more satisfying and your income much higher. Some of the best ones in the app are:

Bonus system

This app has one of the steadiest bonus systems amidst all the other funky ones. You get 10 rupees straight-up just by signing in the app. And as the bonus is 100% usable, you can use it to get a start in these games without investing any money from your own pocket. And then, all the other bonuses and commissions follow.

Referral program

 The Referral program in this app is pretty great too. You can earn commissions from anybody who has used your referral link. Also, you get it without any boundaries. You get a flat 30% commission based upon their tax amount. So, sky’s the limit in terms of commissions.

Variety of games

You’ll find all the popular card games and some other simple but rewarding ones as well, and each of them hands out real money. Their variety is amazing. You’ll find some very simple ones, some games of chances and some games that combine luck and skill perfectly.

Fast Withdrawals

The entire withdrawal process is optimized securely and with great efficiency. All your earnings go to your own bank account in an instant. And all it takes is merely 5 minutes, if you choose UPI as your payment method.

VIP membership

Is Happy Teen Patti legit

Happy Teenpatti has created quite a whirlwind in the Indian online gambling scene. They’ve been an example of consistency, and have provided satisfaction to every customer in both their rewards and customer service. 

It’s absolutely safe to use and a proper, legitimate platform to do online gambling and gaming. I’ve tried it many times ourselves. And my experience has been hassle-free and full of fun and excitement. The cash has helped too.

Their certification provides them a strong foundation and a sense of credibility. Not every app in this industry can claim that they’ve this added layer of security.

So, my advice would be to not get bothered about the app’s security. They’ve more than enough. You should rather concentrate on maximizing your earning. Just enjoy the games, I say.

Payment proof of Happy Teen Patti

The payments in Teen Patti Joy are all done through secure channels and payment methods. It takes 24 hours max to process withdrawal requests in UPI, and bank transfers can take up to 7 days.

For me, it never took more than an hour. So, my experience has been flawless.

In this screenshot below, you can see my last withdrawals have all been successful:


Payment Proof

Happy Teen Patti Customer Care

If you run into any kind of problem, or if you’ve got any question, contact their customer support. I’ve been fortunate enough to get in contact with them one time, and they were very professional. 

You can also live chat with the customer care associate on Whatsapp for quicker response. Their customer care number is +918951850759.

But please remember that they deal with thousands of calls and people every day. So, have some patience and give them some time before they can help.


Happy Teen Patti FAQ

What is the minimum withdrawal amount in Happy Teenpatti?

You can withdraw a minimum of 100 rupees in this app anytime you want.

How much will I get as a sign-up bonus?

You will get 10 rupees as soon as you sign in to the app.

Is Happy Teenpatti safe?

Yes, absolutely. It does not contain any harmful or suspicious link within the platform, It feels authentic. Even antivirus softwares states the app to be safe.

Can I get an extra cash bonus in Happy Teenpatti?

Yes, but you need to buy bonus cards for that. You can buy 3 different ones starting from just 1000 rupees. And each of them gives guaranteed income for a week through daily bonuses. It’s a rather solid investment.

If my friend signs up using my referral link, what will he get?

Your friend or anybody who uses your link to sign up will receive 10 rupees as opposed to you getting 15 rupees.

How many payment methods are there in this app?

You get two of the best ones. UPI and Bank Payment through IMPS.

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