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Now to get your pockets heavy with real cash.

Download the app today, be a part of this fun-filled affair. And when you’re done, you’ll feel that your pockets have swollen up with cold hard cash.

App Name Yono Teen Patti 
Download Link Yono
Sign-up Bonus 50 rupees
Referral + Commission 100 rupees + 30% of their tax amount
Minimum Withdrawal  100 rupees
Payment Methods UPI, Bank Transfer
Size 43.3 MB
Similar Apps Teen Patti Baaz,Teen Patti Master

Refer and earn

Yono Teen Patti has a lovely and tremendously rewarding referral system that helps you make the most of your gameplay, referrals and income. They are attracting players from all over India because they’ve earned their trust in the right way. 

It’s not only about the adrenaline rush, any player can take out a stable and considerable income with a little bit of skill and a sprinkling of luck. 

First of all, you get 30% commission from all the friends, relatives and other individuals who’ve used your referral link to sign up to the Yono Teen Patti app. 

And this commission has no cap or limit to it. As those referrals or invitees earn more and more, you’ll get straight-up 30% from their winnings or the tax amount. And don’t worry, you friends won’t go with empty hands either. They’ll have their 50 rupees. Isn’t it nice and friendly?

Also, this commission has no so-called validity added to it. It’s for a lifetime. As long as your friends are winning, you’ll get your commissions.

But wait, there’s more in store for you. Yono Teen Patti wants you to have a phenomenal start, so much so that you wouldn’t need to invest anything from your side to play at the beginning, because you’ll also get referral bonus.

For your first successful referral, you’ll get 80 rupees. On your second one, you’ll get 90 rupees. And from the third one onwards, you’ll keep getting 100 rupees for every referral that has signed up in the app.

And yes, there’s a small detail to it. You’ll receive the bonus only when your friends deposit a minimum of 100 rupees each. 

Now, if you have many friends or many individuals in your circle who love a bit of gambling and betting, then it’s raining cash on you.

If you want to get all these benefits and referral rewards, simply follow these steps:

Refer and earn
  • Open the Yono Teen Patti app and then tap on ‘Refer & Earn’ at the bottom left corner.
  • You’ll see three buttons at the bottom, ‘Facebook’, ‘Whatsapp’ and ‘Copy Link’. The first two buttons redirect you to Facebook and Whatsapp for instant sharing. The ‘Copy Link’ button provides you with the link that you can share with anyone anywhere. 
  • Share this referral link as much as you can. The more you share, the more chances of getting successful referrals, and more earning through referrals.
  • Enjoy your 30% lifetime commission. Have fun with it.

How to Claim Referral Rewards

Yono Teen Patti has so many unique Referral programs and the rewards are significantly higher than many other similar ones. And the best part is that you don’t have to do anything special or pay for some special scheme to get these rewards. 

You just need to play, and play well regularly.

The rest will be done by the seamless architecture of Yono Teen Patti app.

Not only that, you also get top-notch payment methods that offer solid protection from any kind of fraud. UPI is developed by the Government of India, so you get the safest bet in the business. It is trusted by billions of people of India. 

And then, you have Bank Transfer. You’ll find all the best financial institutions that operate in India at one place, and you can use net banking through them to get your bonus in your account.

Now, if you want to get your hand on the referral bonuses, all you need to do is to transfer the desired amount to your bank account. Here’s how you can claim your rewards :

How to Claim Referral Rewards
  • Open the Yono Teen Patti app. Go to the homepage.
  • You’ll see a button called ‘Refer and earn’, tap on it. A pop-up window will open up on your screen.
  • Now, look at the top of this pop-up screen. You’ll see some options there like “Referrals” (the exact number of active referrals), “Yesterday Bonus” (the bonus amount you collected yesterday) and “Current Bonus” (the bonus amount you have at that exact moment). 
  •  You’ll see a button called “Claim” just beside these. Tap on it. 
  • You’ll then be asked about your bank details. Fill them up, and your withdrawal request will be processed. You’ll receive the desired amount right in your bank account within 24 hours.

How to deposit on YONO Teen Patti

The best thing about Yono Teen Patti is that the app has set its minimum deposit amount at only 100 rupees. That lets so many players in, as for 100 rupees, you’re getting more than your money’s worth.

But if you’re one of those who loves to play it big to win it big, you have the option to deposit 1 lakh rupees in one go.

And to make this deal even deadlier, you’re confirmed to get extra cash for your deposits at the range of 2% to 5.5%. But to get that, you need to deposit 1000 or more. And the more you deposit, the better percentage of extra cash you receive.

How to deposit

This is how you can make a deposit to your account:

Follow these simple steps if you want to deposit some money too:

  1. Open the Yono Teen Patti app, go to the home page. There you’ll see an icon of ‘Shop’ at the bottom right corner. Tap on it.
  2. You’ll see some options for your deposit amount. These options are 100, 200, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000, 8000, 10000, 30000, 50000 and finally 1 lakh rupees.
  3. Select the amount, and tap on the ‘Add Cash’ button at the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Fill in the KYC details like your name, contact number, email address etc. This is a one-time process.
  5. Finally, choose your preferred payment method. You can select UPI or initiate a bank transfer.
  6. After the transaction is complete, check your in-game wallet. You’ll see, the money is right there.

Any deposit of 1000 rupees or more makes you eligible for extra cash. They will be calculated in a fixed percentage, and you’ll know your final amount at the bottom of the window. Here’s how it goes as you increase the amount:

  • For deposits of 1000 rupees or more, you’ll have 2% extra cash.
  • For 3000 rupees or more, you’ll have 2.5% extra cash.
  • For 5000 or more, you’ll receive 3% extra cash.
  • For 8000 or more, you’ll get 3.5% extra cash.
  • For 10000 or more, you’ll get a 4% cash bonus.
  • For 20000 or more, you’ll get a 4.5% cash bonus.
  • For 50000 or more, you’ll get a 5% cash bonus.
  • And for any deposit of 1 lakh rupees, you’ll get a 5.5% extra cash bonus.

How to withdraw money on YONO Teen Patti

When you win games and earn money, you’ll naturally feel happy. But if your money is just sitting around there inside the app, what good is it for?

To really enjoy the money, to celebrate your wins, you’ll need to get them in your pocket. And the only way to do that is to withdraw that money to your bank account.

And for that reason, you need to know about the withdrawal program in Yono Teen Patti.

The minimum withdrawal amount is set at 100 rupees. That’s very easy to earn if you play rightly, and gather enough referrals.

How to withdraw money

Now, if you want to withdraw money from this app, here are the simple steps to do it:

  • Open the app, go to your homepage. Look at the bottom right and you’ll see an option called ‘Withdraw’.
  • Tap on it. In the next window, fill in your bank details by tapping on ‘Bank Account’.
  • Then, enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the amount box.
  • Tap on ‘Withdraw’ for one last time. 
  • It’s done. In mere a few minutes, you’ll become richer.

How to play on YONO Teen Patti

Whatever game you choose to play on the Yono Teen Patti app, you’ll have an unforgettable experience for sure. The rewards in this app never seem to end and you need to take advantage of that fact. Here’s a step-by-step guide for better understanding on how to play games in this app:

How to play
  • Open Yono Teen Patti app, and login to your account.
  • Go to your homepage, and you’ll find all the games that you can play in this app.
  • Check on your earnings for some inspiration and confidence. Deposit some money if you’re in the mood for some long hours, and withdraw if you’d like to enjoy yourself with the money you’ve earned.
  • There are so many games in this app that you’ll never feel disappointed or bored. If one game isn’t up to your taste, or you’re having a hard time in a particular game, just change it and your luck may come running back to you.
  • If you’d like some Teen Patti, you’re at the best place possible. Try a game or two of Ludo for some easy-going fun or try your luck in 3 Card Poker. There are many more games for you to try and enjoy. They have something for every kind of player, and for every level of skill.

Bonuses on YONO Teen Patti app

There are many bonuses available in the Yono Teen Patti app that will enhance your earning markedly. They make the games much more invigorating, they make you feel like there’s more at stake. When you add up all the bonuses this app offers, what you can go away with is pretty staggering. Most of the bonuses need to be unlocked though, through the VIP membership. These following are the best ones:

Weekly Bonus

Weekly Bonus is hands-down the best bonus scheme in the Yono Teen Patti app that will help you generate solid income opportunities. To get a weekly bonus, you need to have two things at place.

First, you need some successful referrals. The more people sign-up through your referral link, the more you churn out from that 30% commission. And the more you gather from these referrals, the better your weekly bonus gets. You also need to reach VIP Level 2 before you start earning the weekly bonus.

This is a chart showing how much weekly bonus you will earn according to your total bonus in the last week: 


Weekly Bonus
Total Bonus (in one week) Weekly Bonus
1000 – 3000 500
3001 – 5000  1000
5001 – 8000  3000
8001 – 10000  6000
10001 – 15000 10000
15001 – 20000 15000
Total Bonus (in one week) Weekly Bonus
20001 – 30000 20000
30001 – 50000 30000
50001 – 80000 50000
80001 – 100000 100000
100001 – 9999999 200000

Monthly Bonus

This bonus prize is awarded on a monthly basis. You don’t need to do anything specific or any particular task. Just play as you do regularly for the entire month. When the month ends, you’ll get your bonus automatically. You can claim that anytime after it reflects in your in-game wallet. 

You’ll need to clear the VIP 2 level to obtain this bonus too. So, you’ll need to work your way up gradually to get this bonus. 

It’s really up to you how much you’re willing to play to get it. Play regularly and that level 2 will come soon enough.

Monthly Bonus
Level Bonus

Level Bonus

This unique bonus program boosts your earning from Yono Teen Patti as well, as it’s paid above and beyond everything else you’ve already received. The Level Bonus is distributed when you clear a level. When you jump to the next level, it shows that you’re invested in thes game and in this app. This is a reward for that consistency and constant effort to do better.


Games available in YONO Teen Patti

It’s easy to play any game in YONO Teen Patti app. It will be one of the most rewarding experiences as well. So, get ready and dive in.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti

Teen Patti 20-20

Teen Patti 20-20





3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker





10 Cards

10 Cards

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

7 Up Down

7 Up Down





Car Roulette

Car Roulette

Zoo Roulette

Zoo Roulette





Dragon vs Tiger

Dragon vs Tiger

Best of Five

Best of Five

Fishing Rush

Fishing Rush

Features of YONO Teen Patti

There are some very special features in the Yono Teen Patti app that you don’t see too often in other similar apps. These features make your gameplay and experience much more rewarding and your pocket much heavier. Some of the most prominent ones are:

VIP Membership

The Yono Teen Patti app has a unique VIP membership containing some very special benefits.

Becoming a VIP member unlocks a whole lot of goodies and bonuses for free. You get to enjoy Daily Bonus, a Sign-in Bonus, a Weekly Bonus, a Monthly Bonus and a Level Bonus. Now that’s quite a handful of bonuses, isn’t it?

To enjoy all these VIP bonus schemes, you just need to deposit 500 rupees in your account. With that deposit done, you’ll reach VIP level 1. Similarly, you just need to increase the deposit to reach the next levels. The more you deposit, the quicker you clear the levels.

But you’d need to start first. So, just follow these steps to become a VIP:

  1. Go to your home page and tap the VIP icon there at the upper right side.
  2. Then, tap the ‘Buy’ button.
  3. Select to deposit a minimum of 500 rupees.
  4. Make the payment through your preferred payment method.
  5. When the payment is successful, you’ll become a VIP.
VIP membership

Ease of use

Another great feature of this app is the sheer ease to use it offers. The layout is simple yet beautiful. You get everything you’ll need right at the homescreen. All the transactions in UPI or Bank Transfer go along without any hassles generally.

Variety of games

There are more than fifteen electrifying games in Yono Teen Patti and each of them hands out real money. Their variety is quite amazing too. From some fun card games to see how’s your luck today to some games that require a bit of calculations and skill in gambling.

Fast Withdrawals

The entire withdrawal process is optimized with total protection and packed with great efficiency. All your earnings go to your bank account instantly most of the time. UPI and IMPS are two of the best transactional mediums in India, and both are closely monitored by the government and RBI. Usually, it’s all done and dusted in minutes. But if something does go wrong, then don’t worry. It will be sorted within 24 hours. Meanwhile, if you’ve got any query, just contact the best-in-class customer care team of Yono Teen Patti.

Is YONO Teen Patti legit

Yono Teen Patti is showing every other Teen Patti app how to do it. They’re proving to be tough competition in the online gaming and betting scene.

Their consistency is enviable and they’ve acquired many satisfied customers (including myself) through their rewards, customer service and most of all, their nonstop effort to get better.

It’s a completely legitimate platform to do all your online gambling and gaming. I’ve tried it for quite a few times. And my experience has been nothing short of perfect. Pretty handsome returns, superb referral bonus- what more can you ask for?

Not only the layout, the speed of transactions, or the customer support, their certification instills confidence in them too. It provides them a strong foundation and a sense of safety. Not many apps can show off their credibility like this.

So, don’t worry too much. You and your money are sound and safe inside Yono Teen Patti.

Payment proof of YONO Teen Patti

The payments in Yono Teen Patti are all done securely through well-established payment methods. Once you try this app yourself, you’ll know what is the epitome of transparency. As I said before, I’ve been playing on this app for some time now, and not once I have faced any problem related to payments.

In this screenshot below, you can find some of my transactions as withdrawals, and notice that each one is successful:

Payment Proof

YONO Teen Patti Customer Care

If you ever face any kind of problem, no matter what kind it is, contact the customer care in Yono Teen Patti without any hesitation. They’re very professional, as I can vouch for with my own experience. 

They have online chat support at this moment. You can reach them right from your homepage. Just tap on the ‘Support’ icon at the upper right side, and you’ll be connected with one of the executives of their team.

Just have some patience. It may take some time to get your reply, as they have to manage a lot of people all day long. A little kindness from your side will make their job much easier.


YONO Teen Patti FAQ

What is the sign-up bonus on Yono Teen Patti?

The sign-up bonus is 50 rupees.

How much do I need to withdraw at least in Yono Teen Patti?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rupees.

When did Yono Teen Patti first appear?

The app was launched in March 2022.

Is there a maximum withdrawal limit in Yono Teen Patti?

There is actually. You can withdraw 1 lakh rupees every day. But you’re allowed as many withdrawals as you want.

Are there any extra charges on withdrawals?

No, there are no hidden fees or extra charges for withdrawals.

Is it mandatory to deposit cash to start playing?

No, you can use your sign-up bonus for the starting days. Only when you feel comfortable enough, deposit your own money.

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