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App Name Teenpatti Alano
Download Link Alano
Sign-up Bonus 10 rupees
Referral + Commission 100 rupees per referral + 30% of their tax amount
Minimum withdrawal 100
Withdrawal methods Bank Transfer, UPI
App Size 38.6 MB
Similar Apps Teen Patti Win,Teen Patti Power

Refer and earn

This app has mastered the art of referral systems. There’s no limits, no kind of obligation and no restrictions for endless fun. The games, the rewards, and the commissions will inspire you to get better, to go one step further.

The sheer thrill, expectation and anticipation will get your blood pumping, and you’ll enjoy the unconstrained flow of cash too.

The system of referrals is pretty simple. You just need to share your referral link with all your friends, relatives, and as many in your social circle as you can. 

If they feel interested, they’ll come and sign in the app. And immediately you’ll get successful referrals. For the first such referral, you’ll receive 80 rupees. On the second one, you’ll get 90 rupees. And from the third one onwards, you’ll keep getting 100 rupees for every referral that you add to your account.

But keep in mind that any referral of yours needs to make a deposit of at least 1000 rupees to be a valid player, and only then you’ll receive your bonus as well. 

But the best thing about this scheme is that it has no limitation on how many referrals you can add. More the referrals, the more your bonus swells up. And your friend will also get a little token of appreciation in the form of 5 rupees.

Now, that’s just the bonus. There’s much bigger amounts to be earned, and the way to them is the commissions. 

You get a massive 30% commission on every amount any of your referrals or invitees deposit in their account. This commission is completely unlimited, and has no expiration date. You’ll get your fair share for your whole lifetime, and for however much they deposit. So, the more they deposit, the better for you.

Refer and earn

So, if you want to get your hands on these wonderful referral rewards, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Teen Patti Alano app. From your homescreen, tap the ‘Refer & Earn’ button on the bottom left corner.
  • You’ll see three options for sharing your referral code: Whatsapp, Facebook and ‘Copy Link’.
  • The first two buttons will take you to those respective apps where you share your code to all your friends.
  • Or you can copy the referral link by tapping on the ‘Copy Link’ button. Then, you can share it anywhere anytime you see fit.
  • Share it with everybody in your circle. The more your code is used, the thicker your pockets will grow.

How to Claim Referral Rewards

This app has many aces in its sleeve when it comes to the Referral rewards. It offers practical rewards, building the players up from the scratch. It doesn’t let them be greedy, rather the app makes them earn the rewards.

But once they do, there’s no stopping the cashflow this app can generate.

You also get the most reliable payment methods like UPI and bank transfer through IMPS. They’re secure, backed by the Indian government, and have earned the trust of millions of people.

So, if you want to enjoy this huge collection of rewards, then first you need to claim it, and transfer the money to your bank account. This is how you can do it:

How to Claim Referral Rewards
  • Open the app and go to your homepage.
  • You’ll see the option ‘Refer and earn’. Tap on it. You’ll see some sections at the left side.
  • “Rule” has all the calculations about how your referral bonus will be calculated.
  • In “Referrals”, you’ll see all those you have used your referral link at the time of registration in Teen Patti Joy.
  • “Rank” will show your rank according to the total amount of referral bonuses you’ve accumulated.
  • There’s also “My Bonus” and “Bonus Record” for more in-depth information about your referral bonuses.
  • At the top of this pop-up window, you’ll see the most important button. It’s called “Claim”. 
  • Tap it, put your bank details, and all your money will be transferred to your bank account for you to enjoy.

How to deposit on Teen Patti Alano

If you love to play cards, place bets, and enjoy the feeling of winning; then this is just the right platform for you. The sign up bonus is not enough in the long run. And the referral rewards take some time to build up to a level where you can play it big. 

So, in the meantime, you’ll need to deposit some money of your own to keep on playing, enjoying, and keeping the hopes of huge returns alive. 

To serve that purpose, this app has set a wonderful minimum amount for deposits that is just 10 rupees. Though if you’ve set your eyes on much bigger things, you’d want to deposit much more too. For the daring and adventurous ones, there’s an option to deposit 10000 rupees as well.

How to deposit

This is how you can make a deposit to your account:

Now, if you want to know how to deposit some money in this app and keep the wheels rolling, here are some simple steps:

  • Open the app, go to the homepage of your account, and tap on the ‘Shop’ button at the bottom right corner.
  • Then, select the amount you wish to deposit and tap on the “Add Cash” button. You’ll get some options like 10, 50, 200, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000, 8000 and 10000. Choose any one of them.
  • Select the payment method of your choice from UPI, Net Banking and IMPS. 
  • The transaction will be processed and you’ll see the money added to your in-app wallet very soon.

How to withdraw money on Teen Patti Alano

After some wins under your belt, and a good amount of cash collected, when you feel the urge to have your earnings in your bank rather than the app, you have to place a withdrawal request in the app. 

The minimum withdrawal amount is just 100 rupees. That suits everyone. You can earn that amount in one week if you play your cards right and gather some referrals. You’ll also get two options for withdrawals: UPI and Bank Transfer. 

Every withdrawal is fast and you won’t have any tension about the money at all. It takes 3-5 minutes most of the time, and even if something unforeseen happens, rest assured that you’ll receive it within 24 hours. Another perk of this app is that you don’t need to complete KYC for these withdrawals. So, your identity is best protected.

But if due to any technical error or server problem your amount doesn’t reach you, you can always know its status by taking help from the ever-ready customer service.

How to withdraw money

So, here’s how you can withdraw any amount of money from the app:

  • Go to your homepage, and tap on the ‘Withdraw’ icon on the bottom right side of the screen.
  • You’ll get two payment methods: ‘+Bank’ and ‘+UPI’. Choose any one of them.
  • Fill in the required details. In case of UPI, enter your UPI address. And if you’ve chosen Bank Transfer, then enter your bank details like account number, IFSC code, and the name of the account holder.
  • Your request will be processed in just minutes. Then, check your account. You’ll see the amount already deposited. Now it’s time for some celebration, isn’t it?
  • You can also check the status of the transaction by tapping on the ‘Record’ button. You’ll see all your withdrawals and their details listed there for any kind of reference.

How to play on Teen Patti Alano

It’s not rocket science to learn games and betting in this app. And along with it being simple, it’ll also be extraordinarily rewarding for you. So start playing following these basic steps:

How to play
  • First, open the app and log into your account.
  • Take a look at your bonuses and your balance. If you want to play more, deposit some money. If you want to celebrate or need some money, then withdraw.
  • Go to your homepage, and you’ll see all the games available at once. You can sort them out for quicker selection too. Just tap on any of these four categories: ‘All’, ‘Multiplayer’, ‘Skill’ and ‘Sports’. 
  • If you’re serious about your Teen Patti, then you’ve landed in the right zone. And even if you want something different, you have lots of games with various hardship levels and from various genres. 
  • There’s no dearth of excitement in Teenpatti Alano. You can choose among all the popular card games in India like Rummy, Andar Bahar, and Poker. If you want some familiar and low-risk fun, choose Ludo. This digital version has all the excitement that you feel in real ludo. If you want plain and simple fun games that can earn you a handful of money, then you’ve got Fishing Rush, Fruit Line etc. In short, you’ll never feel bored or out-of-options in this app.

Bonuses on Teen Patti Alano app

There are so many bonuses available in this app that you may sometimes get confused about where the money comes from exactly.

All of these enhance your earning capabilities considerably. They also make the games more stupendous, and make you feel that there’s much more at stake. 

If you count all these bonuses combined, the amount you can get is extraordinary. But there’s a small twist in the tail. Most of these bonuses are unlocked only after you unlock the VIP status. But once you do, you’ll see that it’s worth your time and investment. 

Here are the most rewarding bonus schemes of this app:

Weekly Bonus

Weekly Bonus is the best program in the Teen Patti Alano app to produce massive income. But you need two things to work hand-in-hand to get this bonus. Each of them is pretty significant on their own, but when both of these components get in touch with each other, it’s like an explosion.

First, you need successful referrals. A lot of them. The more people join this app using your referral link, the more you make from that 30% commission and the 100 rupees bonus. 

And the more you accumulate through referrals, the bigger your weekly bonus becomes. You need to earn at least 1000 rupees per week through referrals to be eligible for this bonus. 

It may sound a lot, but it’s not that hard to achieve really. If you can get a few referrals, and your friends are as crazy for betting as you’re, then that 1000 rupees is a pretty easy barrier to breach.

Then, you’ll need the second part of this puzzle. You need to become a VIP to unlock this bonus scheme. It’s as easy as making maggi. You need to just make a deposit of a minimum of 500 rupees, and that’s it. You’ll be VIP level 1. This following chart shows how much you’ll get as your Weekly Bonus according to your total commissions. As your total increases, so will your bonus.


Weekly Bonus
Total Commission (in one week) Weekly Bonus
1000 – 3000 500
3001 – 5000  1000
5001 – 8000  3000
8001 – 10000  6000
10001 – 15000 10000
15001 – 20000 15000
Total Commission (in one week) Weekly Bonus
20001 – 30000 20000
30001 – 50000 30000
50001 – 80000 50000
80001 – 100000 80000
100001 – 9999999 200000

Monthly Bonus

This bonus is awarded on a monthly basis. And the best part is you don’t need to do anything specific or any particular task. You can just play normally throughout the month. When the month ends, the bonus amount will automatically be added to your account that you can claim anytime after it shows up. 

But, there’s a “but” to this. You will only get this bonus if you have already achieved or surpassed VIP 2 level. So right at the start, it’s more than likely that you won’t get it. 

But it’s up to you how much you want it. If you really want this one, then play regularly, deposit bigger amounts and that level 2 will come sooner than later.

Monthly Bonus
Level Bonus

Level Bonus

This is the easiest way to make money in this app. After becoming a VIP player, you’ll be able to claim daily rewards for nothing more than just signing in the app daily. It’s almost free lunch feeded by the Teenpatti Alano app.

Daily Sign-in Bonus

This is the easiest way to make money in this app. After becoming a VIP player, you’ll be able to claim daily rewards for nothing more than just signing in the app daily. It’s almost free lunch feeded by the Teenpatti Alano app.


Games available in Teen Patti Alano

It’s easy to play any game in Teen Patti Alano app. It will be one of the most rewarding experiences as well. So, get ready and dive in.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti

Teen Patti 20-20

Teen Patti 20-20





3-Card Poker

3-Card Poker



Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar Go

Andar Bahar Go

Black Jack

Black Jack



7 Up Down

7 Up Down

10 Cards

10 Cards

Zoo Roulette

Zoo Roulette

Car Roulette

Car Roulette

Dragon vs Tiger

Dragon vs Tiger



Fruit Line

Fruit Line

Fishing Rush

Fishing Rush

Features of Teen Patti Alano

There are some exquisite features of this app that make the app all too special. These features not only improve the gameplay, they also contribute heavily in boosting the earnings of the dedicated players. Some of the best one are:

VIP Membership

This app has a VIP membership with some special perks attached to it. When you become a VIP member, you get yourself a whole lot of distinguished bonuses. 

You get to enjoy Daily Bonus, a Sign-In Bonus, a Weekly Bonus and a Monthly Bonus (these pay you according to the total referral bonus you’ve earned in that stipulated time), and a Level Bonus for clearing any and every level across the app.

To enjoy all these VIP bonuses, you just need to deposit 500 rupees. That will unlock the VIP level 1 for you. And from thereon, you can progress through these levels by making even bigger deposits. 

And keep in mind, these are normal deposits, not charges or premiums. You don’t need to buy this VIP membership separately. If you show loyalty and the interest to grow, that’s enough to make the payments and reap the rewards. That deposit amount can be used in any games or bets you want.

Another thing to note is that the VIP bonuses will only come if you earn 1000 rupees or more every week. Now, if you too want to enjoy all these benefits of being a VIP, please do the following:

  • Go to your home page and tap the VIP icon on the top right side of the screen.
  • Then, tap the ‘Buy’ button.
  • Next, you need to deposit a minimum of 500 rupees.
  • Make the payment through any payment method of your choice.
  • After a successful payment, you’ll become a VIP player.
VIP membership

Use the Safe

It’s another special feature of this app. It’s a method to keep all your money safe and secure, just like a safe in your house.

When you use this feature, basically you make your money invisible. The game hides it in the program so that it’s inaccessible for everybody. Even you need to unlock the safe, if you want to play with that money. When it’s in the safe, the amount doesn’t remain in your account. It becomes the company’s liability to keep it secure.

But whenever you use the safe, don’t hide your total amount to the company itself. They can still see the amount. And if you raise their doubts, you may get sanctions.

Bonus systems

The Teenpatti Alano app has one of the best bonus systems amidst all the other pretty ordinary ones. You get 10 rupees straight-up just by registering in the app. But the real fun starts when you add referrals. For every referral, you get 100 rupees straightaway. And as the bonus is 100% usable, you can use it to get a start in these games without investing any money from your own pocket.

Variety of games

There are more than fifteen games in Teenpatti Alano and each of them hands out real money. Their variety is remarkable too. They’ve got every kind of game, from plain old luck-based card games to some games that require a little bit of skill as well.

Fast Withdrawals

The entire withdrawal process is optimized securely and with great efficiency. All your earnings go to your own bank account in under 5 minutes. You’ll spend much more time calculating the money you’ve earned.

Is Teen Patti Alano legit

This app has brought new levels of excitement for Indian gambling enthusiasts. Their consistency, variety, and intent has been appreciated by one and all.

It’s a completely safe and legitimate platform to do all your online gambling and betting. I’ve been playing on it for a while now. And my experience has been nothing short of exemplary. Also, the fat cash helps too. 

Their certification also gives it a strong foundation, a sense of security and enhances their credibility by a few notches. There are many similar platforms that don’t have anything like that.

So, my advice would be not to worry too much and get all anxious about your money. Concentrate on your gaming. 

The rest of it, well, it’s already taken care of.


Payment proof of Teen Patti Alano

The payments in Teenpatti Alano app are all done through secure channels and payment methods. Once you try it yourself, all your doubts will vanish as well. I’ve never faced any hiccups in regards to payments on this app.

It has never taken more than an hour for me either. The maximum they take is 24 hours, which I think is quite reasonable too. 

In this screenshot below, you can see that all of my withdrawals have been a success:

Payment Proof

Teen Patti Alano Customer Care

If you run into any kind of problem in the Teen Patti Joy app, or there’s a question in your mind, just contact the customer support without any hesitation whatsoever.

They are available on Whatsapp 24/7. Their customer care number is: +91 7729090282. 

But keep in mind that they have to deal with hundreds of calls and people every day. Show them some kindness too, and please have some patience. 


Teen Patti Alano FAQ

What will I get as the sign-in bonus in the Teenpatti Alano app?

You get a 10 rupees bonus for signing in this app.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rupees.

What are the payment methods supported for withdrawal?

You can withdraw your money through either UPI or Bank transfer through IMPS.

How many games can I play in Teen Patti Alano?

There are more than 15 different kinds of games available in this app.

How do I become a VIP player in Teen Patti Alano?

It’s very simple. To become a VIP member in this app, you just need to make a deposit of minimum 500 rupees. And that will take you to VIP level 1.

If one of my friends uses my referral link, will he get anything?

Yes, absolutely. He’ll get a bonus of 5 rupees for his participation.

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